Locally Brewed in B.C.

Brewing beer that is as authentic and true to its environment, as it is to established craft beer standards, is kinda the whole point of having a brewery in Vancouver to start with. You can expect these brews to be: locally inspired, using as many natural, Lower Mainland ingredients as humanly possible; brewed entirely on location at our Mount Pleasant brewhouse; sold exclusively in BC, and to share the uncompromising ideals and deliberate difference of their siblings below.

Brewmaster's Edition

The deliberate difference that makes Big Rock what it is, also makes for a lot of one-off, very-limited-edition, small-batch brews. These exceptional beers smash all the rules as they declare anarchy on the predictable. But, revolutions can't last forever, and when they're gone, they're gone.

Signature Series

Big Rock's mandate is to deliver delicious craft beer that is authentic, masterful and audacious. And nowhere is our commitment to going the extra mile and never compromising more self-evident than in our Signature Series brews.

Cider Series