Brewmaster Jody Hammell

Jody will tell you, being a Brewmaster really isn’t a job. It’s a calling. A calling that has led him around the world to learn from the best. He's trained in Berlin at the Versuchs und Lehranstalt für Brauerei (Or, the VLB, one of the worlds' most renowned schools for Brewmaster Certification. He's worked with Big Rock Brewery in Calgary, Whistler Brewing Company, and Bear Brewing. But what made him a slam dunk for the big job in Vancouer was the other thing calling him above all else: The West Coast.

While he got his first taste for craft beer working with us in Calgary, he was bitten by the BC bug later in life, living in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant district (coincidentally the site of our new brewery) for five years. Always regarding it as his real home, he was determined to return one day.

Thanks to his 20 years of working in every aspect of brewing, his unreasonably stubborn insistence on only ever using fresh, local ingredients, and his uncompromise attitude toward anything to do with the beer, that "one day" has arrived! And in all the days that follow, Jody looks forward to creating new, innovative and deliberately different beers in a brewery with the small footprint and big mission that he believes is the future of brewing.

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