Dine Out Vancouver Festival

By Paul Pyne - Thu, Jan 21, 2016

Dine Out Vancouver Festival Ale Beer Big Rock Brewery

Every once and a while, there comes an opportunity to be a part of something big. The Dine Out Vancouver Festival, hosted by Tourism Vancouver, has been growing for years, and with new restaurants opening every year and the trend of great food becoming more and more engrained into our culture, there is no sign of the growth diminishing. With the introduction of Craft Beer's inclusion to the festival and with Big Rock having completed the install of our new Nano Brew system in the brewery, it seemed only natural to want to make a collaboration beer exclusively for this event with Tourism Vancouver.

The idea was to produce a beer that would be approachable, sessionable, and unique. Of course, this beer needed to be food-friendly as well. The challenge was to not only match the beer with our 3-course Dine Out menu, but to also fit in with our regular menu. We wanted to make sure to include Tourism Vancouver in the actual making of the beer with our Brewmaster to really authenticate the intention of crafting a truly unique and memorable experience that will resonate into the beer.


The beer turned out wonderful. Dark copper in colour with a fairly persistent tan head, light body and smooth finish. The cocoa aromas dominate with a mild molasses-like sweetness and the subtle bitterness teases the palate on the finish, encouraging another taste. It's medium to light body allows for a soft, yet complex mouthfeel that emulates a creamy coffee.

This easy drinking dark ale will complement a variety of different foods like the Smoked Oyster Chowder, the Lamb & Rapini Pizza, or the Mango Cheesecake, which are just some of the features on our Dine Out menu. This beer is only available during the Festival, and exclusively in the Restaurant. Enjoy it before January 31st!