Head of the Pack: BRU Employee Spotlight

By keshia - Wed, Oct 19, 2016

At Big Rock Urban we take pride in straying from the norm. We stand by the motto that we are deliberately different and showcase this concept through our great beer and amazing food. Big Rock Urban is only as good as the people who run it, which is why we cultivate a unique staff with differing ideas and styles. 

This month we're putting the spotlight on our incredibly talented cook Brodie Swanson.

Brodie hails from Haida Gwaii, a place heavily rooted in community. He brings this heart to the kitchen at Big Rock Urban with a sense of calm and wisdom. Brodie is passionate about highlighting seasonal ingredients in his cooking, adding his own touch to feature menu items that have been popular with our patrons. He identifies with the encouraging atmosphere of collaboration between the kitchen and the brewery, where brewmasters and chefs are always experimenting creatively with flavour profiles of beer and food, expanding the familiarities of our palettes. His life’s dream is to one day own his own restaurant in Haida Gwaii.


L: What is your favourite beer at Big Rock?

B: Mosaic Lager. It's easy drinking and has a subtle hoppy flavour. Definitely a stand alone, great beer to have at the end of a day’s work in the kitchen.

L: What type of beer is best for cooking?

B: Most beer is used for braising meat, our Citradelic IPA is perfect for that. I want to try something different. We have a white currant sour beer that I want to use for a dessert, a sweet dish.

L: Outside of beer and food, what are your passions?

B: Haida culture­ it is growing and evolving, the consistent rediscovering of facets of our culture. I’m always interested in aspects of foraging and collecting, using what is on the land and building a lifestyle with the material and ingredients unique to the west coast.

*Brodie was interviewed by BRU resident Leigha Robinson*